Innovation in Office 365 is never-ending, providing exciting opportunities for users to have continual access to the latest features that can accelerate their productivity.

However, rapid innovation in the cloud also presents a new set of challenges in how you must plan, manage and control this constant change for your organizations.

Why Clear Sky for Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud is a major departure from previous releases, and needs to be administered and managed in a completely new way. IT used to be able to anticipate major feature changes and rollouts in the context of a scheduled upgrade, with complete control over the features being released. Today, new components, features, even entirely new programs are being rolled out in the cloud on a monthly basis. Many times, these features become available to users with IT being the last to know. This leads to lack of control and tremendous missed opportunities to truly harness the value proposition Office 365 presents to your organization.

The Value of Clear Sky for Office 365

Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation Can Bring Continuous Disruption

With new capabilities introduced monthly, anticipating, understanding and planning for the rollout of new features in Office 365 has become a full-time job. If something new becomes available for your users, you don’t want to be the last to know.

Control the Change

Control the

If your organization is not governing the constant change inherent to O365 cloud environments, you could be facing IT sprawl, unanticipated resource spending, inconsistent feature adoption and major disruption to your business continuity. Too much change at once can be overwhelming. Take charge of your user experience with planned roadmaps and rollouts.

Leverage the Value

Leverage the Value, Avoid
the Pitfalls

All these new releases and upgrades in the cloud don’t just bring disruption – they represent a great opportunity to unify how your organization collaborates on a robust, integrated platform. Staying ahead of change will allow you to match Office 365 capabilities with your un-met productivity needs.

Align applications with strategic plans, communicate with teams about how to leverage the platform, and ultimately accelerate your organizations’ productivity while maximizing your return on investment of Office 365.

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The Clear Sky Approach


Strategic Alignment

Align productivity goals with overall business strategy and objectives


Productivity Assessment

Teams across the organization issued SWC’s Productivity Self-Assessment survey to surface productivity opportunities with qualitative data


Use Case Identification

Match Office 365 product capabilities to un-met productivity needs


Roadmap Development

Roll out product initiatives prioritized by value, clarity, and effort


Organizational Change Management

Identify opportunities to better govern and communicate how Office 365 products and features are released to departments and teams

Measurable Impact

Success in Office 365 is measured by increased productivity of your users and increased utilization of the platform. SWC collects both qualitative and quantitative data measuring trends in Office 365 utilization, adoption and user-assessed impact to productivity. Each engagement includes monthly reports for your organization to understand the impact Clear Sky for Office 365 is making on achieving your productivity goals.

Clear Sky Report Data

Clear Sky Report Data

Qualitative User Feedback Quantitative Utilization Data

Did the introduction of the new capability result in improved productivity? Are products being used as expected? Has adoption increased as a result of enablement and communication efforts?
Monthly Clear Sky reports allow you to analyze how your organization is trending toward your Office 365 productivity objectives.

Predictable Service Model Pricing

Cloud solutions inherently give you more cost flexibility, but less cost predictability, so the last thing your organization wants to manage is another variable cost. That is why SWC has developed a predictable monthly pricing model for Clear Sky based on your number of active users and customized to your service requirements. Contact SWC today to learn more about pricing and the value Clear Sky for Office 365 can bring to your organization.

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