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See how we create SharePoint sites using a proven methodology that empowers user adoption.

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The SWC SharePoint Way

SharePoint Sites that Drive Adoption

Microsoft SharePoint is a robust product with endless features and capabilities. The platform can do so much that it’s hard to know where to begin. SWC has put together a proven methodology, through the SWC SharePoint Way, that assists our customers in deploying the right SharePoint solution to meet their business needs.

SWC has been working with Microsoft SharePoint since the product’s inception in 2001. Through our vast experience deploying the platform to hundreds of clients, we have learned that there are many advantages, but also an equal number of pitfalls if you don’t have a well-thought-out deployment plan. The SWC SharePoint Way focuses on three major areas that we believe will ensure SharePoint success.

Understanding Needs: What Business Challenges will SharePoint Solve?
The key to any successful SharePoint deployment begins with the SWC Envisioning Process. This is where we define what the solution is going to do to transform the client’s business. Based on our past experience, we know what questions to ask and what kinds of organizational problems SharePoint can solve. The envisioning process is all about helping clients understand what’s possible and what SharePoint can do for their business.

Next, SWC focuses on the visual aspect of SharePoint. We present best-in-class designs from our SharePoint Portfolio and the many features or capabilities of SharePoint so our clients can see how the solution works and what others have done to make it a productive tool. We then create a wireframe or concept design of the solution, so that everyone from the top down can see what the platform can do and work towards making it a functional reality.

The final stage in understanding involves guidance. SharePoint has so many tools, features and capabilities that it’s hard to understand which ones are right for your specific business needs. We bring many years of experience and hundreds of deployments to the table to help guide our clients in implementing the right tools for the most effective use SharePoint for their business.

Solution Design: A Proven Approach to SharePoint Implementation
After the envisioning process has been completed, SWC starts on the solution design. The site’s design is critical to increasing user adoption, so it has to be engaging. But it’s not just about how the site looks; it’s also about how the site performs. Our senior developers meet with our clients throughout the entire envisioning process to provide guidance on SharePoint functionality. As part of each solution design, SWC leverages our proven methodology and Intellectual Property to build a custom SharePoint solution tailored to their unique business needs.

Delivering the Promise: Getting the Most Value Out of SharePoint
Once SWC has created and deployed a SharePoint solution that the client is excited about, it’s time to deliver on our promise of getting the most value out of SharePoint—on how the client is going to manage, maintain and update the site.

SWC has invested and offers Microsoft SharePoint training and user adoption programs that are fairly progressive. We believe SharePoint can be the agent for change in a business environment, but to get the most out of it, people need to understand how to use it and govern it. By helping our clients train their users to understand the solution, an organization can increase adoption exponentially and effectively manage and support change.

The final step in a SharePoint deployment is the knowledge transfer. SWC ensures our clients are aware of what we have done throughout the site’s creation and deployment, so that they can pick up the reigns and move the SharePoint project forward. The goal is to create a SharePoint site that empowers users to do more on their own.

For clients who need extra assistance monitoring, managing and supporting their environment, SWC offers specialized SharePoint Managed Services. SWC’s approach to SharePoint Managed Services provides our clients with a highly responsive team of subject matter experts, comprehensive coverage and predictable costs to ensure users are able to work efficiently without disruption.

If you are interested in the SWC SharePoint Way and our proven methodology, contact SWC for a SharePoint demonstration or join us at our next Chicagoland SharePoint event.

“The thought leadership around how you architect one of those experiences to make it engaging for the user has proven to be SWC’s strong suit. SWC is not just a technical deliverer, SWC delivers on spirit and dream and intent and all of those other things.”

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What To Expect

While a lot of organizations simply push the cloud without much forethought, it’s important take into consideration a number of technical elements such as backup and retention, scalability, data and service integration; and also business elements such as cost, manageability, and privacy and security. SWC analyzes these elements in determining the appropriate on-premises, cloud, or hybrid SharePoint solution for your business. Want to learn more? Check out Jeff’s blog on on-premises vs. cloud SharePoint solutions or contact us.

The SWC Envisioning Process is intended to provide a pragmatic path to a new and more valuable intranet. The goal is to bring together all of the key stakeholders in an organization to help everyone understand what’s possible, how SharePoint will bring value to the business and create a compelling user experience that drives adoption and success.

Microsoft SharePoint provides a wide variety of features and capabilities that can enable people to work together more effectively. Other Microsoft products, especially Office 365, integrate tightly with SharePoint to provide even more effective ways for teams to get stuff done. SWC focuses on helping clients best leverage the right tools for their particular needs.

Microsoft SharePoint and related products like OneDrive for Business provide modern, web-based tools for working with files and documents. Workers can securely access files remotely, on whatever devices they wish, anywhere and anytime. When offline, local copies can be read, updated and synchronized back with the originals once a network or internet connection is available.

We’ve found that a few key elements really help push SharePoint adoption.

  • Your input: Your SharePoint site should be your own unique reflection of your business that brings together the tools and documents your users most commonly use and look for or have trouble finding currently.
  • Clean, user experience-driven design: The ability for users to quickly find key things like the company phone list, marketing assets, and projects files is a big driver of adoption.
  • Executive buy-in: Having executives use and reference documents from SharePoint encourages usage across the organization.