Unified Management

Deliver unified management across datacenters, applications, client devices, on-premises and Windows Azure environments.

Consistent Management On-Premises & in the Cloud

Microsoft System Center

On-Premises & Cloud Expertise

By leveraging Microsoft System Center, SWC helps organizations integrate their on-premises infrastructure with cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

Full Platform Knowledge & Experience

SWC’s expertise in the System Center stack, ITSM, application development, and cloud helps businesses streamline and automate IT service delivery and infrastructure deployment.

Free Your Internal IT Team

System Center provides self-service so employees can install applications and receive the support they need no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

“The thing that set SWC apart for us was the way they immersed themselves into our business. SWC came on-site and worked closely with our business users to understand how they did their day-to-day jobs, so when we transitioned the technology they felt comfortable supporting it.”

Client Success

What To Expect

While a lot of organizations simply push the cloud without much forethought, it’s important take into consideration a number of technical elements such as backup and retention, scalability, data and service integration; and also business elements such as cost, manageability, and privacy and security. SWC analyzes these elements in determining the appropriate on-premises, cloud, or hybrid Microsoft SharePoint solution for your business. Want to learn more? Check out Jeff’s blog on on-premises vs. cloud SharePoint solutions or contact us.

The SWC Envisioning Process is intended to provide a pragmatic path to a new and more valuable intranet. The goal is to bring together all of the key stakeholders in an organization to help everyone understand what’s possible, how SharePoint will bring value to the business and create a compelling user experience that drives adoption and success.

Microsoft SharePoint provides a wide variety of features and capabilities that can enable people to work together more effectively. Other Microsoft products, especially Office 365, integrate tightly with SharePoint to provide even more effective ways for teams to get stuff done. SWC focuses on helping clients best leverage the right tools for their particular needs.

Microsoft SharePoint and related products like OneDrive for Business provide modern, web-based tools for working with files and documents. Workers can securely access files remotely, on whatever devices they wish, anywhere and anytime. When offline, local copies can be read, updated and synchronized back with the originals once a network or internet connection is available.

We’ve found that a few key elements really help push SharePoint adoption.

  • Your input: Your SharePoint site should be your own unique reflection of your business that brings together the tools and documents your users most commonly use and look for or have trouble finding currently.
  • Clean, user experience-driven design: The ability for users to quickly find key things like the company phone list, marketing assets, and projects files is a big driver of adoption.
  • Executive buy-in: Having executives use and reference documents from SharePoint encourages usage across the organization.

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Microsoft System Center Consulting Services

SWC recognizes the challenges that mid-market organizations face today when managing their networks. Changes to the Internet, cloud, virtualization and mobile devices means endless opportunities for how organizations go to market and run their businesses, but it also creates a lot of moving parts and increases the number of threats. SWC offers network managers a solution in the form of Microsoft System Center, allowing administrators to deploy software to user profiles and then allow those users to access applications securely from any device at any time. Our System Center solutions give clients the power to monitor and manage their fast-paced environments proactively and efficiently, creating bandwidth to focus on the business itself rather than the noise that surrounds it.