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We’re passionate about solving your business challenges every step of the way.

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Tailored Software Solutions

We pride ourselves on understanding the nuances of your business in order to develop software solutions that answer your most pressing challenges.

We Own It

We understand the business problem, we design the solution, both functional and technical, and then hold ourselves accountable to driving it to the finish line, on time, and on budget.

We Know the Mid-Market

Software for the mid-market solves big problems in an integrated way, but it must be delivered pragmatically – and we have to get it right the first time.

“The big word for me in the name of the company is partner. SWC is talented, engaged and passionate about what they do. It’s not a customer-supplier relationship. We’re in it together and we win together.”

Client Success

What To Expect

We don’t just put in technology solutions and cross our fingers and hope it pays off. We offer user enablement training to ensure our customers’ user base is succeeding with the technology we’ve implemented. We’ve found that it’s an essential part of most every technology implementation, whether it’s Microsoft Business Intelligence, SharePoint, CRM, or any other solution.

We don’t outsource any of our work because we are a one-stop shop of 100% local and accessible multi-practice experts. Our custom application development team leverages the expertise of our software developers, infrastructure engineers and business process consultants to deliver a full-range of custom business solutions that integrate into new or existing systems.

We deliver projects using both Agile and Waterfall methodologies, depending upon the nature of the project and the preference of the customer. In all cases we ensure that our method is predictable, transparent, pragmatic, and deliverables-based. In short, it will be our responsibility to drive to the successful completion of the project, with high quality, on schedule, and on budget.

Because the mid-market leverages Microsoft solutions heavily, we are Microsoft experts. That said, we are not religious about it. In addition to .Net application development, we write systems in Java and the LAMP stack. In addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we are experts in In addition to Microsoft’s PowerBI, we are experts with Tableau and Qlik. In short, we deliver the right solutions given the problem or opportunity we are addressing.

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Software Solutions in Chicago

At SWC, we pride ourselves on bringing business and technology together in new and innovative ways. As a multi-practice group, the SWC custom software solutions team leverages the expertise of our Software Developers, Infrastructure Engineers and Business Process Consultants to deliver a full-range of custom business solutions that integrate into new or existing systems. Serving nearly every industry, we design, build and manage innovative software technologies that reduce overall cost by helping companies work more efficiently, creating bandwidth to focus on other areas of innovation and growth.