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Healthcare Demo

Power BI


Using Power BI to Build Customized Care Plans

In this demo, SWC's Power BI subject matter expert Sam Boie will show how to use Power BI to create a dashboard that displays factors leading to high readmission risk, and then identify the high-risk patients in need a tailored care plan.

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Managed Defense Demo


Managed Defense

Ongoing protection against evolving security threats

In this demo, SWC’s Joe Beczak will showcase SWC's Managed Defense solution, walking through exactly what happens in the event of two of the most common security incident scenarios:

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Microsoft Teams Demo

Microsoft Teams

Improving Productivity with Office 365 & Teams

Which collaboration tools to use - and when

In this demo, we will walk through a day-in-the-life scenario using Microsoft Teams as a home base to communicate and collaborate with team members in order to complete a project on time.

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Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365


Increase Your Profitability With Customer Relationship Management Solutions

In this demo, we will showcase Microsoft's CRM solution, Dynamics 365, and walk through a day-to-day sales scenario.

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Power BI

Predicting with Power BI

What would you be able to do if you could predict the future actions of your customers?

In this demo, we will showcase how business risk can be predicted using Microsoft 365's Power BI solution plus Azure Machine Learning with R scripting.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Demo

Increase your profitability with Customer Relationship Management solutions

In this demo, we will showcase Microsoft's CRM solution, Dynamics 365 and walk through a sales day-to-day scenario.

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Power BI

Power BI Demo

Improving Decision-Making with Power BI

In this demo, we will walk through a real-word scenario that every company can relate to - the challenge of recruiting and hiring employees.

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Demo

Making Seamless Security Real With Microsoft 365

View a demo of some of the exciting new features being released in 2017 for Office 365.

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